About Active Plastic

Sureshield Active Plastic Antmicrobial Coating Protection

Active Plastic, a division of Sureshield Coatings Company, is a leading supplier of antimicrobial-treated coatings for plastic products used for consumer goods, commercial products and installations, and military applications.

Headquartered in Wheeling, IL, USA, Sureshield Coatings Company is a pioneering leader in high-performance, cost-efficient coatings and treatments for a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, rubber, glass, and wood.

With manufacturing, sales, and customer support available around the world, Sureshield serves a diverse market of industries and companies.

With Active Plastic, Sureshield provides ready-to-use, easy-to-implement solutions for manufacturers of plastic products and provides unique, customized support throughout the supply chain.

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Disclaimer Information

Sureshield is formulated with antimicrobials to help suppress the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms on the coating or on the plastic. Sureshield is not intended as a substitute for good hygiene or to prevent foodborne or infectious illnesses.